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How to pay and Fixed Transport price
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--> Heading: How to pay and Fixed Transport price

You must choose the fixed price of transport to validate your order (option MODE OF DELIVERY in module BASKET/ORDER).
The sendings are always done by the French POST OFFICE ( Recordered AIRMAIL service ).
This fixed price is not negotiable.
The fixed price ( postage and packing) is based on the weight of your articles in order.

For exemple : ( extract from the tariffs for Europe Union )
Weight until:
250 g: 10,30 EUR including all taxes = FIXED PRICE 1
500 g: 13,95 EUR including all taxes = FIXED PRICE 2
1000 g: 20,30 EUR including all taxes = FIXED PRICE 3
2000 g: 21,20 EUR including all taxes = FIXED PRICE 4
3000 g: ...

The continuation of the tariffs for other countries, you will find during your order in the module BASKET (choice of the mode of delivery).

Tariffs with the 01.01.2018 (fixed price) .


For information:
The minimum amount of a SUB-TOTAL ORDER is fixed at 10,00 Euros (except expenses of fixed price of sending).

Two modes of payment are possible.

1) - Transfer of money on our bank account:

If you choose to regulate your order by transfert on our bank account , the expenses of 12,00 EUR including all taxes ( 4,00 EUR for the purchasers in the EURO zone ) from an interbank commission will be automatically added on your purchase order .

2) - CREDIT CARD via PayPal/ Secure Transaction:

Payment online by credit card on protected site

PayPal, what it is ?
PayPal is a mode of payment online protected very popular and available in many countries. Accustomed sites of bidding (in particular eBay) certainly already noticed the omnipresence of the payments via PayPal.
With a PayPal account you can send and receive money with other members, sell products, make gifts, make transfers since your PayPal account make transfer on the bank accounts and vice versa, etc...
For more information on the very many possibilities offered, you can go on the official site of PayPal .

Q.: I am not a PayPal member, whom must I make ?

A.: If you are not member, your inscription is done at the same time as your payment.
You can also register you (it is free) as a preliminary on the official site of PayPal
Some information will be requested to you, in order to check that you are well owner of your credit card.
To in no case we will not be informed of your number of the credit card which is useful only for your personal PayPal account.

Scale difficulty class : 1 to 5

1, 2 = easy
3 = medium
4,5 = confirmed maker

Language :
PL = Polish
GB = English
F = French
D = German
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