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Maquette en carton - Card model - Karton modellbau - Model Kartonowy
MATERIALS (in general)

For the construction of the card models (all confused fields), you will need the following material:

The most important tool.
An X-Acto or similar knife, with replacable blades, is particulary suitable. Such knives are available in all good graphics or model-building supply shops.
A knife with snap-off blade segments is also suitable for this work.

(see the heading or click here : Accessories/Tools and glue)

Although it is advised to cut out all the elements with the knife mentioned above, the scissors remain essential.
It is necessary three pairs of them for you: a scissors to paper of medium sized, a pair of small right scissors and a pair of small nail scissors (curved).

RULER (preferably metal)
This is essential for laying along edges to be cut or scores.

Are used to hold the very small or difficult elements of access, or to exert a pressure on those.

Certain elements of the model must be curved.
For this purpose one uses a round piece of wood of diameter 4 to 5 mm (about 1/5 inch).
Lay the piece face down in your palm or on your thigh, depending on its size, and roll the rod or stroke the needle across it.
After curling, the piece can be shaped appropriately.

A transparent glue is needed ( I suggest UHU Hart ).
It is advisable to have it in a dispencer that permits it to be applied a drop at time.
An extrastrength glue, such as model airplane cement like UHU hart, is also needed for gluing the butted joints.
To use also if possible: glue cyanoacrylate for joining of a wire (landing gear, masts in wire etc...).

PAINTS (completion)
Painting with water, acrylic resin or felt-tip pens are not obligatory.
However their use raises the colors of the model.
If the section of the paperboard (often white) is too visible, pass a light layer of color close to the neighbouring color or gray color which will blur contrast.

It must be flat and clean, out of very thick paperboard or plywood.
If you wish to invest, we recommend the plan of cut ''Hansa Cut-Mat'' to you (the incisions are closed again there immediately and it can thus be used many years).

PAPERBOARD (reinforcement of frames etc...)
Certain elements of the models must be reinforced.
It is recommended to use paperboard of 0,8 mm to 2 mm of thickness (according to the type of the model).

To make certain parts (axes of propellers, antennas, gears landing etc...), you can use a piano wire of 0,5 mm to 1,5 mm of diameter or paper clip in wire .

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