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Some councils to make a success of your model !
Construction of a model out of paperboard


After having built several models, you will discover new techniques and some easy ways.
Generally, by you even, you will improve your workshop quite naturally and will find how to make or work out your own methods.

To start, most significant is to respect some bases which will facilitate the construction of a model to you and will avoid a failure as well as a discouragement.

Before the cutting of the parts of a book, to study them.
Read the instruction and the drawings of the assembly.

There can be errors of nomenclature!

In general, the classification of the parts suggests you the continuation of the assembly.

To pay attention to markings of certain parts (by one or two stars * or **), which encourages you to reinforce a part with more or less thick paperboard.

A graphic marking (e.g.: v, (, [, O, [ ], II ect...) beside a part the way of modeling of a part shows you: to fold, roll, round etc...

To cut out only the parts which will be useful to you for a stage of construction.

To mark the number of the part to the back with a pencil.(!)

Before cutting, to make the decision concerning the tool to be used: scissors, cutter, hobby knives.

(see the heading or click here : Accessories/Tools and glue).

To know ' ' the comportement' ' of your tool, to carry out a preliminary test of cutting on the place of the paperboard which is not printed.
Before joining, to adjust the parts well to be assembled.

In general, one cuts out on the line black of the part or right on the edge external of the same line (to refer to the note of the assembly).

Badly adjusted parts or elements, will not allow you a later correction after joining.

Form the parts initially: round, mark/fold or highlight.

Round/soften (cylinders, cones, etc.) on a stop of a table, in the palm of your hand using a round rod or a rule.

The final aspect of your model, depends in major part, of the precision of folding as much as cutting.

To use several types of adhesive.

One is adapted better for great surfaces, the other for small elements, still another to reinforce the carcass of the model.

Glue with little adhesive.
A net of adhesive on each parts to be assembled (adhesive contact) is enough.

To pay attention not to dirty the model with the adhesive.
The cleaning of certain adhesives will be difficult, or impossible for you !

Do not glue too quickly!

Impatience is the worst adviser during the construction of a model out of paperboard.

''Test three times, and glue a once''

More you will grant time and of attention for the construction of a model, better will be the final result.

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Scale difficulty class : 1 to 5

1, 2 = easy
3 = medium
4,5 = confirmed maker

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GB = English
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D = German
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