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Construction of a model out of paperboard


The cockpit and the canopy

You can manufacture models in two versions: with the opaque or transparent canopy.

Very often one proposes to the beginners, the construction of a version simplified with the opaque canopy, especially when it is about a canopy in form of ''drip of water'' (P-47 Thunderbolt,Supermarine Spitfire, Mustang... and planes of today: Phantom, F-18, A-10 ect...)

With our opinion should test all the same construction with the transparent canopy to you.

We remind to you that for certain models of planes Models Centrum sell transparent PVC canopies (vacum canopy).

( to see the heading or click here :
Accessories/Planes and Helicopters

For the other models (with simple canopies and without forms ''curvature ''), the development of this part is not so complicated.

The meticulous cutting of the framework out of paperboard for the canopy, is a tiresome exercise...

but the final result for a model with a PVC canopy is not comparable.

Moreover, with a transparent canopy, it is possible to build the cabin of the pilot and to expose for example with an open canopy.

In the case or you are brought to work out yourself a canopy, the author of the book delivers to you a gauge for the construction of this part.

If the elements of the canopy are flat, that does not pose any problem. On the other hand to obtain a little spherical forms, it is necessary to seek around oneself material for construction.
Believe us, they are numerous (transparent bottles, intercalated transparencies etc...) and according to their thickness, you can implement them.

A model of Sukhoï Su-27, example of a canopy based on a bottle of soda.
Scale difficulty class : 1 to 5

1, 2 = easy
3 = medium
4,5 = confirmed maker

Language :
PL = Polish
GB = English
F = French
D = German
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