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A B C of the manufacturer
Construction of a model out of paperboard


For the tailplane, according to their provision on the model, one finds various techniques for construction.

Generally, the device is based on a central struts out of paperboard which the fuselage crosses.
The tailplane is assembled on a struts which very often, is the prolongation of the last frame in a fuselage.

The struts are then cloth-lined with the part of covering using the parts of junction gluing on part of the tailplane.
By assembling the tailplane, one obtains ''a small pocket'' which one gluing, by slipping this part on a struts.

You can meet the tailplane with mobile ailerons, a little longer to build.
This case, the steering mechanism and depth integrates ribs.
Very often, as in the wings, the junction of the tailplane with the fuselage is done using a part of junction.

Before joining of the stabilizer, it is very significant to adjust these elements with the fuselage well and to check centering in the horizontal and vertical axis of the fuselage.

Scale difficulty class : 1 to 5

1, 2 = easy
3 = medium
4,5 = confirmed maker

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