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--> Heading: the landing wheel and undercarriage 

A B C of the manufacturer
Construction of a model out of paperboard


The wheels of the principal landing gear can be made according to multiple methods, or possibly recovered on old toys.

Methods for wheels ''paperboard'' there are the many ones.

Each model maker adopts his own method according to his requirements and the gained experience: gravitational, simplest or most realistic.

Traditional method:

The principle of this method, is the joining of some rounds out of paperboard (a little larger than the final diameter a wheel) together, then by using sandpaper or a file, to profile the whole with the image of a wheel.

The wheel thus obtained, request one or more coats of paint (or Indian ink) black.

Mechanical method (fast)

The following method resembles the traditional method, but in the place of manual sandpapering, one uses a tool of the type mini drilling machine equipped with a disc of abrasive.

If you choose this method, are careful by handling your tool.
Protect your hands like your face (of the safety goggles) against possible projections from particles of paperboard (and part even).
Only people experienced to handle this type of tools will carry out wheels according to this method.

As an indication, here how one can carry out wheels with the mechanical method.

Method ''scale model''

This method is most widespread in the circle of model makers ''card models''.
It is relatively fast and simple, moreover it makes it possible to carry out the tread format of a ''tire''.

This method consists in cutting out in paperboard several rounds (or rings if one thinks of making a ''rim'') of different diameters, while taking as bases, the central round (larger from 1 to 2 mms in the final diameter) then several ronds/anneaux of smaller diameter (according to the face width of wheel) stuck on each side of the central round.

Then one sandpapers with sandpaper with an aim of obtaining the required diameter and the form.
For the clothes industry of the wheels, one can use a more flexible paperboard which will more easily allow the work of working.

There remains to you nothing any more but the setting in painting of the wheels (tires).

The landing gear (chapter in preparation)
Scale difficulty class : 1 to 5

1, 2 = easy
3 = medium
4,5 = confirmed maker

Language :
PL = Polish
GB = English
F = French
D = German
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